Family, fertility

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Research concerning family and fertility encompasses several larger topics. Fertility in Hungary is relatively low compared to other developed countries, and partnerships and families are changing, mainly since the 1990s. Some research at the HDRI focuses on fertility and family policy which attempts for several decades to increase fertility. Researchers also study family related values, the changing structure of families, as well as the transformation of partnerships and its effect on children. Besides, the physical development of children is studied, thanks to a longitudinal survey on child-development.


JOUBERT, Kálmán; KAPITÁNY, Balázs; MAKAY, Zsuzsanna; MONOSTORI, JuditMURINKÓ, Lívia; PONGRÁCZ, Tiborné; ROHR, Adél; S. MOLNÁR, Edit; SPÉDER, Zsolt

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