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Most of the regular HDRI publications are in Hungarian, but the number of English publications has risen in recent years.

Demográfia English Edition

The annual journal of the Demographic Committee at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and of the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute. MORE

Demographic Portrait of Hungary

Demographic Portrait of Hungary is published every three years and presents the main features, tendencies and evolutions of the population of Hungary. MORE

Research Highlights

Research Highlights are one page information sheets that show crucial and current research results about ongoing projects in the Institute. MORE

Working Papers

Working Papers on Population, Family and Welfare present first findings based on the empirical research of the HDRI or external researchers. MORE


Interesting publications from the HDRI’s digital library from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.


During 2015 the HDRI finalized a huge work: namely the digitalization of HDRI’s Library containing very special and outstanding pieces from the literature of Hungarian demography. Although most of the books and articles are in Hungarian, some of the articles was published in English and might be interesting for the wider public. These articles are very special in the sense that – apart from these pieces – you can hardly ever find articles on the demography of the socialist countries, written in the socialist era and published in English.

Just follow the links and browse among them:

Dányi Dezső (1968): Hungarian historical demography after World War II : Bibliography and plans. Közlemények (Announcements) No.20., HDRI.

Cseh-Szombathy László, Miltényi Károly (1969): Allowance for child’s care. Közlemények (Announcements) No.25., HDRI.

Acsádi, György – Klinger, András – Szabady, Egon (1969): Survey techniques in fertility and family planning research: Experience in Hungary. Közlemények (Announcements) No.26., HDRI.

Acsádi, György – Klinger, András – Szabady, Egon (1970): Family planning in Hungary. Main results of the 1966 fertility and family planing (TCS) study. Közlemények (Announcements) No.31., HDRI.

Compton, Paul Alwyn (1971): Some aspects of internal migration of population in Hungary since 1957. Közlemények (Announcements) No.33., HDRI.

Szabady, Egon (1974): The population of Hungary. Közlemények (Announcements) No.38., HDRI.

Joubert, Kálmán (1983): Birth weight- and birth length standards on basic of the data of infants born alive in 1973-78. Kutatási jelentések (Research reports) No.12, HDRI.

Klinger, András (1984): The impact of policy measures, other than family planning programmes on fertility. Kutatási jelentések (Research reports) No.18, HDRI.

Publications of the HDRI in Hungarian  MORE