Ukraine in the migration system of Europe: transformations in a time of independence


  • Olena Malynovska, Irina Molodikova



This paper deals with the process of Ukraine’s inclusion in the EU migration system, in light of the country’s further integration with Europe. The study highlights changes in the behaviour of migrants, brought about by the fresh opportunities that have opened up for Ukrainians in Western countries. The development of EU-oriented Ukrainian labour emigration has occurred in several stages and has been influenced both by the internal situation in Ukraine and by the position of European countries of destination, their interest in the Ukrainian labour force and their partnership with Ukraine. Labour migration flows from Ukraine are gradually being reoriented from Russia to the West. Important factors in this reorientation have been Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the conflict in Donbass in 2014 and especially the full-scale invasion of Russian troops in 2022. This has all undoubtedly affected the characteristics of migration, and the integration and future behaviour of migrants from Ukraine.

Keywords: Ukraine, migration, negative consequences of migration