Growing up in Hungary - Cohort ’18 Hungarian Birth Cohort Study. Technical report 2. Prenatal wave


  • Edited by Laura Szabó



This volume presents the results of the Cohort '18 Hungarian Birth Cohort Study as the third output in the research series. The first contained the theoretical, methodological and organizational tasks preceding the prenatal data collection wave. The second volume presented the theoretical background and the conceptualization of the Cohort '18 Hungarian Birth Cohort Study. This third volume describes the methodology of the prenatal data collection wave and the technical background to the surveying and data processing. We present the sampling procedure, sample coverage and reliability of the raw data. This is followed by a summary and description of the documents and questionnaires used in the fieldwork, as well the quality control procedures. We also present the data recording, editing and cleaning process, and review the content of the different databases. Finally, we summarize the most important statistics of the fieldwork and the metadata of the survey and conclude with reviewing the research ethics guidelines.

Keywords: Cohort '18 Hungarian Birth Cohort, methodology, prenatal data collection wave, sampling procedure, sample coverage, reliability of the raw data, prenatal questionnaire

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Laura Szabó, Julianna Boros, Ildikó Fábián, Gabriella Gresits, Anna Hortobágyi, Balázs Kapitány, Réka Kis, Krisztina Kopcsó, Fruzsina Leitheiser, Adél Rohr, Zsolt Spéder and Zsuzsanna Veroszta (2021): Growing up in Hungary - Cohort '18 Hungarian Birth Cohort Study. Technical report 2. Prenatal wave. Working Papers on Population, Family and Welfare, No. 38 Hungarian Demographic Research Institute, Budapest.