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GÁL, Róbert Iván
Senior Research Fellow

Research fields

- lifecycle financing
- intergenerational transfers
- National Transfer Accounts
- characteristic age

E-mail: gal@demografia.hu
Tel.: + 36 1 345 6046

Selected recent publications

Vargha, Lili – Gál, Róbert Iván (2019): Intergenerational reallocation of resources. Demographic Portrait of Hungary, 201-216.

Gál, Róbert Iván - Radó, Márta (2019): Participation and postponed retirement in Central and Eastern Europe. In: Holzmann, R. - Palmer, E. - Palacios, R. and Sacchi, S. (eds.): Progress and Challenges of Nonfinancial Defined Pension Schemes, Volume 1: Addressing Marginalization, Polarization, and the Labor Market. Washington DC: World Bank. (forthcoming)

Gál, Róbert Iván - Vanhuysse, Pieter - Vargha, Lili (2018): Pro-elderly welfare states within child-oriented societies. Journal of European Public Policy, 25(6), 944-958. DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2017.1401112

Gál, Róbert Iván - Monostori, Judit (2017): A taxonomy of indicators of economic sustainability and intergenerational fairness. Intergenerational Justice Review 11(2), 77-86.

Gál, Róbert Iván - Törzsök, Árpád (2017): The savings gap in Hungary. Journal of the Economics of Ageing, DOI: 10.1016/j.jeoa.2017.05.002

Vargha, L. - Gál, R.I. - Crosby-Nagy, M. (2017): Household production and consumption over the life cycle: National Time Transfer Accounts in 14 European countries. Demographic Research, 36(32), pp.905-944.

Gál, Róbert Iván – Szabó, Endre – Vargha, Lili (2015): The age-profile of invisible transfers: the true size of asymmetry in inter-age reallocations. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing, Vol. 5., pp.98-104.

Lee, R.D. - Mason, A. - members of the NTA Network (2014): Is low fertility really a problem? Population aging, dependency, and consumption. Science 346/6206, pp.229-234. (Róbert Iván Gál is a member of the NTA network)