A nagyszülői gyermekgondozás intergenerációs változásának néhány jellemzője Magyarországon, kvalitatív adatokon


  • Gyarmati Andrea


család, gyermekgondozás, intergenerációs transzferek


The author examines one type of intergenerational transfers, the grandparental childcare, on the basis of a secondary analysis of an interview study on multi-generational families carried out in Hungary in 2004. In this paper she would like to know why grandparents help or do not help in child-care, under what conditions grandparental help is more probable, what grandparental help consists of, what parents expect from the grandparents, how the institutional context, the changing or unchanging family policy affects all these things. The main findings of the paper are the obviously changing role of grandparents, the increasing effect of individualisation on intergenerational transfers, the changing quantity and quality of childcare directly and indirectly influenced by family policy or the type of care system.